History of Our Congregation

Our congregation started in Luxembourg in the continent of Europe in 1872 by Anna Paula Bové with the help of Josepha Niederprum and Professor Nicolas Wies.

During those days many girls and women were coming to town seeking employment but many could not find it. This made them to end up into immoral behaviors. Due to this problem the founders, led by the Holy Spirit, started helping them spiritually and physically.

The congregation came to Malawi in 1959 at Namitete in the Archdiocese of Lilongwe. Our first apostolate in Malawi was caring for the sick.  In 1964 the first Malawians entered the congregation.

Anna Paula Bové

Vision Statement

To be a Congregation that is dedicated to prayer and that is ready to serve people selflessly, following the example of Christ and carrying out its activities in a transparent way and sustainable manner.

Mission Statement

Deepening relationship with God through persistence in prayer in order to provide the needy with quality health services, education, social services that involve pastoral work and women/ girl child empowerment and creation of good environment for spiritual nourishment and growth, at the same time promoting self-sustainability in our living and in all our projects.

Core Values

Prayer and spiritual growth of all the members

Readiness to serve selflessly (Hard working)

Spirit of hospitality in our communities and institutions

Love, mercy and compassion in the community and the whole congregation as well as in our workplaces as we follow the compassionate Christ

Unity in the community and at our apostolate (workplaces)

Team Spirit in all our activities within the community and in the congregation at large

Transparency and accountability in the use of resources

Co-operation with stake holders in all our apostolate


We give ourselves selflessly to the service in following Christ for the Glory of God and wellbeing of his people.  We are ready to serve people according to the needs of the time.


Our congregation is one of the branches of Carmelite Order, following St. Theresa of Avila; therefore, we share with other Carmelites the same spirituality.

Prayer is the heart of our Congregation as Carmelite Sisters. We aim at having an intimate relationship with God in our prayer life. We are called to be in the presence of God always and ponder the word of God day and night.

(As the Prophet Elijah proclaimed “God is alive and I am in his presence always”) 



Health Care

We improve  health via the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, amelioration or cure of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in people.


Education is a purposeful activity directed at achieving certain aims, such as transmitting knowledge or fostering skills and character traits. These aims may include the development of understanding


We provide to guests in the conduct of your business as a , resort, restaurant, caterer or food service provider, conference center or convention and worship center or a Prayer House

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